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Brief History of the College

The idea of the College of Vocational Science and Technology (CVST) of Nigeria was conceived in January, 2012 and also incorporated under the Federal republic of Nigeria with RC No. (1271863). Since its incorporation the proprietors of the College tried to establish many collaborations and partnership with relevant organizations and Professional Bodies, Educational Boards and Associations like Science and Technical School Boards, Nigeria Vocational Association etc The founders of the College believe that the world is increasingly in need of an institution that carries forward a determinedly holistic and humane vision of education, such a vision takes as its keystone the privileges of the lifelong learning concept and of the rooting of the learning experience in the individual and the resources of the community We intend to offer inclusive trainings, more searching and more wide-ranging that can lead to the empowerment of the individual as a productive citizen of Nigeria. We take the view that our philosophy of education gives a greater importance to skills development by virtue of its emancipation from the bondage of poverty and placement on the cradle of economic development

Vision of the College

The vision of CVST is to promote the professional Vocational Science and Technology training for development to all citizens and help individuals to develop self-efficiency that enhance entrepreneurship.

College of Vocational Science and Technology is to emerge as one of the nation’s preeminent comprehensive Colleges in the 21st century. Central to all its functions will be the College’s historic commitment of service to all Nigerians and Africans as Africa becomes a part of a global society with all of its challenges and opportunities. The College will be widely recognized for the quality of its undergraduate, graduate and professional educational programmes, the effectiveness of its research and outreach programmes and the broad access to the College provided through the innovative use of information technology. The College will ensure the quality of its programmes through the careful focusing of its resources in areas of institutional strengths. .

Mission of the College

The Mission of CVST is to promote the production of professional skilled, technical sciences and technology, also reduce poverty and unemployment.

College of Vocational Science and Technology is committed to offering high-quality undergraduate, graduate, and professional education to its students. The College will give highest priority for resource allocation for the future development of those areas that represent the traditional strengths, quality, reputation, and uniqueness of the institution and that continue to effectively respond to the needs of students and other constituents. Consistent with this commitment, the College will emphasize a broad and superior undergraduate education that imparts the knowledge, skills, and values so essential to educated and responsible citizens. At the same time, the College will provide high-quality graduate and professional programmes in areas of need and importance to the state and beyond. To accomplish these educational goals, College of Vocational Science and Technology will continue to compete nationally to attract a faculty distinguished by its commitment to teaching and by its achievements in research both pure and applied. The College will strive to attract a faculty that will bring distinction and stature to the undergraduate, graduate, and professional programmes offered by the College.

College of Vocational Science and Technology will continue the development of its research programmes. The primary focus of this research will be directed to the solution of problems and the development of knowledge and technology important to the state and nation and to the quality of life of Nigerians, and other world Citizens.

Extension and outreach programmes are fundamental to the mission because these programmes directly affect the lives of all citizens in the country. The College will maintain the strengths of its traditional outreach programmes and will increasingly involve the broader College in outreach programmes that respond to the changing needs of the society in which we live. The College will continue to seek new and innovative ways to reach out to the people it serves.

  • Technical Skills.
  • Vocational Education.
  • Research Programmes.
  • New Innovations

We provide universal access to the world’s best education.

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OUR Strengths

The strength expected to sustain the College includes A teaching in a friendly environment to prepare students to meet the challenges of today. Period of academic study will be combined with periods of industrial attachments to give students hands-on experience in their study areas.

OUR Weakness

Some weaknesses analyzed include Inability to attract and retain adequate numbers of qualified staff due to braindrain, Inadequate control system, especially the federal and state policies


The College has many opportunities for its development and growth Increased demand for such type of institutions. Availability of vast stretch of land for future expansion. Potential sponsorship from entrepreneurs in the region

Faqs & Terms

Frequent questions ask by prospective students.

What is CVST




Can students with awaiting results apply?

Yes they can.

Are there any financial assistance schemes for students?

Yes. the college has a number of financial schemes for which students can benefit. Please contact the admin for Scolarship details. .

Are there any medical or special requirements for entry into the college ?

Yes, Successful applicants must be certified physically and mentally fit to pursue the course offered. They must submit a medical report, which must comply with the colleges' requirement, and an X-ray report from a registered medical practitioner.

What is campus life like?

The campus environment is conducive to students' intellectual, physical and social development. Leadership qualities are developed through leadership training programmes and participation in various clubs and societies under the Students' Union.